New Year, New Plan

Beginning this year, I will follow a reading plan as a small step to become more focused and intentional. I started keeping track of the books I read each year in 2014 on my Pinterest page. I’ve had no direction in what I read, it is usually dependent on what is available at the library or what books are on sale for Kindle. My to-be-read list is far too ambitious. I am adding books to it almost daily as I learn of books through blogs, podcasts, catalogs, and through recommendations from friends. I also have a wide variety of genres that interest me. I’ll read just about anything, including fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, YA novels, parenting, marriage, Christian living, social justice, etc. 

After researching several reading plans I have decided to follow Modern Mrs. Darcy’s plan. I will be doing the “Read for fun” and “Read for Growth” plans. I spent a little time on January 1st deciding what books I will read for each category. (Nerd Alert: it was a lot of fun!) I’m very excited that the books I have chosen are books I can borrow through my local library or I already own the book/E book. I’m pretty excited about the books I have chosen. Many of them are topics that interest me and various types of fiction. But I am also focusing on points of view that differ from my own. After the election I read that the way to heal the divide in the US is to reach out to people who are different from you and learn more about them. I don’t remember who said it, but I whole-heartedly believe this to be true. 

Initially, my plan for this blog is to give summaries of the books I read throughout  the year. Occasionally I may throw in other topics about causes that interest me or recipes and crafts I have found on Pinterest. 

Happy New Year!


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